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When can I access the platform?

You will receive an email allowing you to activate your account and gain access to the Nigeria Mining Week Digital Event Platform. The email will come from: hello@swapcard.com Please ensure that your organisation has whitelisted this address. At this time attendees are encouraged to create their profiles, start connecting and booking meetings and appointments.

How can I make sure I become visible and meet the right attendees?

The first time you login you need to complete your profile. Fill in all the fields and select the right tags. This will ensure you become visible to other attendees and they can match with you.

How do I access attendees and matchmaking?

You have access to the list of registered attendees one week before, during and after the event. You can search in different ways (via the search bar, tags, filters and sub-filters). Artificial intelligence suggests the most relevant attendees for you to meet (according to your profile, your search criteria and your actions on the platform).  You can target and pre-qualify the attendees and prospects you want to meet ahead of time and request to have an appointment with them at the event. Whether the request is accepted or declined, you are notified via a push notification and an email.  If you are an exhibitor, on your exhibitor dashboard (a collaborative interface for your company and team), you can edit your availability, see the different appointment requests and assign them to the appropriate team representatives.

How do I set-up meetings?

Once you have selected a person or company with whom you wish to speak, you select one of the time slots when they are available. Once the meeting is confirmed a “Meeting Call” button will appear on your screen an hour before the meeting. The video meeting takes place within the platform. If you are chatting with someone you can start a video call straight away within the platform.