We are looking forward to the forthcoming event and as a conference and exhibition organisers. 

We are committed to creating safe environments to protect sponsors, exhibitors, delegates, visitors, contractors and our staff to ensure we can run enjoyable and successful events for all. 

In line with government and local authority guidance, as well as the exhibition industry All Secure Standard Guidelines, we are implementing extensive measures in response to COVID-19 health and safety requirements. Some of these are outlined below and will constantly be
reviewed in line with current guidelines. 

Social distancing

  • Social distancing will be managed at 1.5m, equivalent to 2.25sqm per person.
  • Crowd density standard: By controlling the density, appropriate physical distancing can occur throughout the event.
  • Conference rooms: Rooms with recommended density and seating arrangements will follow local distancing guidance.
  • Floor planning: Introduction of a one-way visitor traffic that creates a logical flow through the venue.
  • No handshakes: We recommend the elimination of handshakes.
  • Food and beverage: No self-service buffet.
  • Registration: Increased use of technology to help manage the amount of contact upon entry.
  • Exhibitors and delegates passes will be issued in advance to minimise queuing and contact. All attendees and exhibitors will have to pre-register to get personalized badges.

Protect and detect

  • Face masks: Requirement of every attendee to wear a face mask. These should be supplied by the individual.
  • Temperature screening: Equipment will be available at the entrances to the venue.
  • Contact tracing: A track and trace system will be in place in line with government guidance. 
  • Quarantine area: Offering a dedicated quarantine area for people displaying the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Emergency response plan: Implementation of processes for possible COVID-19 incidents, both confirmed and suspected.



  • Pre-show messaging: The website, social media channels and emails will supply exhibitors, visitors and delegates with the most up to date information regarding guidelines in place at the event.
  • Event signage will be displayed prominently regarding recommended guidelines such as social distancing and personal hygiene.
  • Public address during the event will highlight the importance of handwashing and sanitising hands as well as physical distance.


Cleaning and hygiene

  • Hand sanitisers: Stations will be positioned at key locations throughout the event.
  • Enhanced cleaning regime: The venue will be fully cleaned regularly during the day with an overnight cleaning regime for enclosed spaces. Extra attention will be given to high frequency touchpoints such as toilets, door handles and handrails. Exhibitors will be required to disinfect their respective stands and exhibits regularly throughout the event.
  • Equipment cleaning: All equipment in the conference rooms, including AV, will be disinfected between each use.