DIAMOND SPONSOR INTERVIEW: “Nigeria Mining Week is a great platform for the sector to be more visible”

DIAMOND SPONSOR INTERVIEW: “Nigeria Mining Week is a great platform for the sector to be more visible”

Exclusive interview with Emotan Aburime-Shine, MD / CEO of Emotan Global Ventures Limited, the returning diamond sponsors for both the upcoming digital as well as the live events.​

Tell us about yourself, and the company Emotan Global Ventures limited?
My name is Emotan Aburime-Shine, MD / CEO of Emotan Global Ventures Limited. Emotan Global Ventures is a mining company in Nigeria focused primarily on metals like gold, with a sub-company called Piramen Ventures Limited focusing on gemstones.

Tell us about your current business interests in Africa, and in Nigeria in particular?
Well, my business interest in Nigeria has been in the fishing industry for many years as one of the major importers, alongside mining. In the last five years, I have focused on metal and mineral mining. 

We have several sites in several states, i.e. for mining gemstones like Sapphire, Fluorite, Zircon, Topaz, Ruby, Aquamarine, etc. and sites for metals like Gold, Lead, Wofomite, etc.

In particular reference to your interest in mining, is there any specific project you are handling in Nigeria? And what region are you very much excited about at the moment?
We currently have projects ongoing and all our sites are very exciting... Gombe State has Sapphire, Adamawa has Ruby, Bauchi State has Topaz, Kano Aquamarine, Sokoto State and FCT for Gold. 

How optimistic are you about the opportunities in Nigeria mining sector?
Extremely optimistic as Nigeria is a blessed nation and daily we uncover new minerals and metals previously unknown to us here... it's a treasure hunt.

What in your view are the current challenges facing this sector, as regards growth and development and what are the possible ways forward?
As we all know the main challenge is security. Freedom to access the site and work, knowing we and our staff are safe, good road networks and infrastructure, good local policies that will encourage and support miners, provision of our international standard labs and testing facilities all over the country and good foreign policies to encourage international growth and trade that facilitates the exchange of money.

Why did Emotan decide to partner with Nigeria Mining Week?
I wanted to encourage the Mining Week as it is a great platform for the sector to be more visible and very instrumental in the growth of the industry. It also helps to highlight our companies’ current projects to possible international markets and future partners.

During the event, you made a brilliant presentation, can you please share with us what your message was to the attendees at the event?
The message was that: we are open for business... we are enough to encourage Nigerians to love themselves, their people and country a little more... that it can be done, with, or without foreign help and to learn to add value to our own natural resources.

What was your experience like at the mining week event? 
Very exciting, meeting new people... got new information about current government projects and policies... generally a great vibe.