Technical workshops programme

WORKSHOP DAY 1: 16 October


 Orientation on arrival


Session 1.1: Leasing of equipment for artisanal and small scales miners. 

  • What equipment leasing scheme is available for ASM to hire adaptable machinery? 
  • How to move from shovel and diggers to more modernised equipment at an affordable price? 

Presented by:

Andrew Efurhievwe, Executive Secretary-Chief Executive Officer, Elan, Nigeria


Technology Hub:  Building an innovative ecosystem for artisanal miners 

Guided expo tour to the exhibition floor.

  • The audience will have an opportunity to interact directly and possibly touch, feel and experience tools and new solutions, directly from the IT companies.


Session 1.2: Economic Recovery Growth Plan, its Impact on artisanal and small scale mining and how to obtain the anticipate growth.

What options are available for small scale mining companies:

  • To reach steady production, access market share especially through local off take
  • Costs increase associated with regulatory, 
  • Host community, infrastructure and security demands?

Presented by:

Patrick Odiegwu, Chief Executive Officer,  Polyguard Investment Nig Ltd, Nigeria




Session 1. 3: Quarry:  What opportunities are available in quarry for artisanal miners? 

Dealing with dust during the crushing process

  • How the stone industry can be profitable for the small scale miners
  • How to deal with explosives?

Presented by: 

Bobby Onen, Director- Management, Livingstone Mining and Fleet Limited, Nigeria

14:30 End of Day 1

WORKSHOP DAY 2: 17 October


Orientation on the expo floor


Session 2.1: Women in mining: Breaking down the Barriers for women to participate in the Mining sector.

  • Artisanal and small scale mining in Nigeria: Bridging quality gaps
  • Resource Mobilisation for artisanal and small scale mining in Nigeria
  • The intersection of gender and assets based
  • Mining in Nigeria: The link between standards and poverty
  • Operational mining process in Nigeria: safety, security, production and market

Presented by:

Hon. Janet Adeyemi, President, Women in Mining, Nigeria


Session 2.2:   Human rights for artisanal and small –scale miners

  • What are the fundamental principles of ASM? 
  • Understand your security rights as an ASM in a mining environment 
  • What are the gender rights?

Presented by: 

Abiodun Baiyewu, Country Director, Global Rights, Nigeria

12:15 - 13:15



Session 2.4: Artisanal and small scale miners: The road to success - Case studies: Person with disability in mining

  • How to overcome the challenges of capital access and start mining with almost zero Naira?
  • What are the challenges of self-financing for artisanal and small scale miners? 

Presented by:  

Salihu Sale Jidda Mubi, Chairman, Strong and Small Traders Disability Cooperative Society Limited, Nigeria

14:30 End of Day 2