What to expect?

Step 1 - Investors’ breakfast: Everything you need to know about investing in mining in Nigeria

When it comes to putting your assets in safe and rewarding projects, the country and sector will be the main aspect of your decision-making process. This breakfast has been designed to feed your body and brain with key information on the institutions and process to make sure your time is valued as much as your money. 

If you look at mining projects in Nigeria there might some questions popping up your head such as: 

  • What are the key commodities? What are the guarantees from the government for investors in Nigeria’s mining?
  • What are the requirements and regulations to start mining?
  • How to get a license to set up your mining and quarrying projects?
  • What is available for junior mining companies in the current market?

Who are you? And why you should be grabbing a croissant with us? 

This platform is designed for investment professionals, mining companies, juniors’ enterprises, established and existing business looking at diversifying their activities and portfolio and getting into mining. 

You need to keep track of the investment climate, latest industry development and potential “gold deals” that would be a game changer for your activities.  

The programme of the breakfast will focus on giving you the right tools and the right “who is who” in Nigeria to facilitate your first (or more mature) steps in the mining arena. 

Download event brochure here

Step 2 - Finance master classes

Now that you have the basics, we would like to dig more into financial practices and what would be the right tool for your own business. We are focusing on deal making networking and opportunities here, and want to make sure you have consider all the financial options to make your project viable. 

Do you even know what is available in Nigeria for small, medium and large scale projects? 

Learn from the banking institutions and private companies, established businesses; that will help you to map out your investment route. 

What you probably want to know:

  • Where to access financing?
  • Who are the right people to speak to?
  • What are the different financial models?  
  • What stage are you at: find the right type of financing

Key featured speakers and experts of the Finance & Investment Pre conference:

1. Engr. Alh. Mohammed Amate, Director General, Nigeria Mining Cadastral, Nigeria 

2. Emeka Offor, Director -  Investment Promotion, Nigeria Investment Promotion Council, Nigeria 

3. Alokolaro Oladotun, Managing Partner/Head of Energy & Infrastructure Group, Advocaat Law Practice, Nigeria

4. Abba Bello, Managing Director, Nexim Bank, Nigeria

5. Innocent Ezuma, Chief Executive Officer, Eta-Zuma, Nigeria

To view the full programme click here 

Why you should attend the Finance & Investment Pre conference:

  • Attend an exclusive and targeted platform for mining companies, investors and financiers and tackle the latest issues and opportunities available when it comes to your ROI
  • Debate and discuss around the right commodities to invest in and the creative financing alternative available no matters the size and model of your project
  • Get to meet the right institutions and point of contact ahead of your competitors, planning your meeting and strategy for the next few days before the grand opening
  • Align your investment with the government strategy to start production of iron ore, lead, zinc, bitumen, nickel, coal and gold on a large scale

Exclusive this year: Dragonsden 

Now that you have the tools, it’s about your guts! 

  • Pitch your project in front of a qualified jury
  • Add value to your licence by developing your mining activities

Who is that for?

Small scale miners

Juniors mining license holders and or company 

How does it work? 

  • Aspirational and motivated small scale entrepreneurs get five minutes to pitch their business ideas to Nigerian and international mining investors who are willing to invest their own money in helping start up new businesses. 
  • The Dragons (the investors) will have their chance to ask questions after each entrepreneur’s pitch about the venture. 

Remembering, the entrepreneurs do not always have to answer, but of course what they choose not to address and answer may count against them in the final outcome. The pitch is over when each of the Dragons says “I’m out.” i.e: I am not keen to invest.

Ready to show off?  You can apply to present your project today by contacting: 

Audrey Bading | Conference Producer | T:+27 21 700 3566 | E: audrey.bading@spintelligent.com