Mentorship programme

What is the mentorship programme vision?

Nigeria Mining Week Mentorship Programme is the knowledge transfer tool sought after by all small scale miners that helps support the transformation of the mining industry in Nigeria.

The mentorship programme is a FREE business accelerator empowering and strengthening the capacity of mining entrepreneurs. The programme will enable those small scale miners who need mentorship support for the growth of their activities to access mentors with the experience, knowledge and networks to help them improve efficiency, profitability and growth of their businesses.

  • Benefits of the mentorship programme: Business counseling is a proven practice, worldwide, whereby business problems are diagnosed, expertise shared, solutions sought and guidance given. Mentors provide assistance, counseling and support, help with business progression, develop problem-solving skills, build morale and confidence, provide regular constructive feedback, based on experience, knowledge, skills and wisdom.

  • Your commitment as a mentee: set up goals and define what exactly what you want to achieve in your business and communicate efficiently to your mentor in order to track your business progress on a regular basis. The mentor is a guide, a “sounding board” for ideas and initiatives but the programme is mentee driven and is your mission to achieve.

To find out more about the mentorship programme or to apply please contact: or call +27 21 700 3566 or call +27 27 700 35 62 

Please note: Please submit your CV when applying – no application will be considered without your resume attached to it