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Comments from Sir Godwin Ikechi Mba, Mines Administrator for Palladium Mining Ltd, Nigeria

What are Palladium Mining Limited’s latest projects in Nigeria?

Palladium Mining Ltd has acquired Licences for various minerals green fields across Nigeria. These Includes Exploration Licences for Gold in Anka/Bakura, Zamfara State, Tantalite, Niobium and Gem Stone in Gobirawa, Adamawa State. Lead/Zinc sites at Arufo, Taraba State and also in Abakilike Ebonyi State.

We have commenced exploration activities, surveys, geophysical data capturing and analysis, Core drilling e.t.c on a number of these sites. Currently, we are in technical partnership with Geological Exploration and Mining Company Nigeria Ltd (GEXPAM)on a brown field asset for Lead/Zinc Ore exploration. The field is situated at Ishiagu, Ivo LGA of Ebonyi State. For almost a year now, we have deployed heavy duty equipment, experienced manpower and international best practices in our operation at the site.

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Image: Courtesy of Palladium Mining Limited, Nigeria

Why are you taking part in Nigeria Mining Forum 2017?

Our participation in the 2016 edition of the forum offered us a wide spectrum of opportunity to meet with other miners operating from all around Africa. Our interactions in the various sessions were most educative. We had over 200 visitors to our boot. The forum educated us on better ways to approach community issues, environmental safety as well as finance sources, not excluding the learning from the experience of various older mining companies.

We strongly recommend that this forum is sustained and even expanded further to attract miners from across Europe, Asia and the Americas. It is our belief that we are on the right track in our quest to accomplish our 3D's action word: To Discover...........Develop...... and Deliver solid minerals all across Nigeria.

Image: Courtesy of Palladium Mining Limited, Nigeria

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