Programme Highlights


Who can help finance your mining project?

Attend Session 0.3 (page 6 on brouchure)

How can the data issues be resolved and fast-track investment into the sector?

Attend session 0.2 (page 6 in the brochure)

What needs to be done to minimize insecurity?

Participate in a grand debate in session 1.4 (page 8 in the brochure)

Understand legal and regulatory frameworks around land ownership and licensing.

Engage with Federal and state governments during session1.3 (page 8 in the brochure)

How are successful mining projects doing and what did they do to get there?

Hear from the hot projects on the ground in session 2.1 (page 9 in the brochure)

How does one gain acceptance from the local communities from the get-go?

Discover how to create strategic working plans for communities’ involvement and growth in session 2.4 (page 9)